Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dog Hugs

Have you ever been hugged by a dog?

Yesterday evening as I was walking my usual loop around the neighborhood, camera in hand, I stopped in front of one of my neighbors’ homes to admire the gorgeous lilies growing in the front garden by the sidewalk.

Focusing my camera lens on the vibrant blooms, I was startled when the owner of the home opened the front door. “Do you like flowers?” she greeted me warmly.

“Oh, yes,” I replied with enthusiasm. “I live here in the neighborhood and admire your flowers every time I walk past.”

“Well, I have a whole garden in the backyard,” she answered. “Would you like to come see,” she invited.

As she showed me around her garden, we got to chatting. Her dogs were there in the yard, and the largest of them was the friendliest, most affectionate dog I have ever met. He just loved giving me hugs! He kept getting on his hind legs in order to embrace me with his front paws. It was so sweet!

When I mentioned that I’m working on my master’s degree in elementary education, my neighbor said that she’s the chemistry teacher at one of the local high schools, and she eagerly provided me with valuable contacts for our local public school district that for some time I’d been hoping for.

Lovely photographs, a new friend, dog hugs, professional contacts—what delightful surprises come to us when we take God at His Word, quite literally, to “consider the lilies”!

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  1. Kristina! I "just happened" to stumble upon your blog today and wanted to let you know how delightful it's been to catch up with you a bit. :) I love your eye for seeing beauty in every aspect of life - from flowers to food to fashion. Thanks for the smiles today. Keep enjoying God's goodness and keep writing! Miss you, Kayla