Friday, June 3, 2011

My Cup Overflows

“My cup overflows,” declares the Psalmist, testifying of the abundance of God’s goodness, provision, and love even in the midst of adverse times (see Psalm 23:5). These days my cup is overflowing too. In my case, however, my “cup” is actually my wallet....

“How was your wallet shopping?” My friend Cara greeted me as we met in the Starbucks parking lot yesterday evening.

“Haha, you should see,” I replied. “I bought a new wallet—one of those chic, clutch styles to replace my beloved, old, bulging tri-fold one that’s been literally holding together by a thread. I was just transferring everything into it, but I have so many dollar bills and coins and gift cards that I can’t even clasp it closed! By the way, I found two Starbucks gift cards, so the frapps are my treat today!”

Stepping up to the barista to place our order, we both laughed as I pulled my over-stuffed, wide-open, new wallet out of my purse. “So much for being sleek!”

When I look at my over-filled wallet, I marvel at this tangible evidence of God’s goodness, provision and love for me in this season of my life. At the beginning of the semester I quit my job and moved home, under doctor’s orders, to recover from burnout. With graduate tuition expenses and without steady income this entire semester, I think it’s pretty amazing that these days not only am I carrying a wallet that’s bulging with cash and gift cards, but there is also more money in my checkbook now at the end of May, at the end of the semester, than there was back in January, at the beginning of the semester. Wow.

Indeed, my cup is overflowing—or should I say, my wallet seams are bursting? So, I want to know, how has God recently been causing your cup to overflow?

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  1. Wow Kristina. Isn't God amazing! I'm so with you right now. God truly rewards those that follow His will and ways! What a blessing to follow Him. "Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of Thine heart."