Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Fashion Week Continues

Earlier this week I posted pictures of the spring fashion show taking place around my neighborhood. More and more trees are joining the party. What a delightful time of year! There's one rosebud tree, in particular, that I've been admiring every time I drive past it. This morning I decided to walk to it, to take pictures of it. Along the way, I noticed a number of other beauties too. Check out what's hot on the runway (er, blooming along the sidewalk!) today . . .

This maple sports bright green leaves—a fresh look paired with the beautiful blue sky. 

This maple is all about scale—the tree's majestic frame combined with its delicate leaves showcase the beautiful harmony of contrasting scale.

I can't get enough of this frilly, blush-pink ensemble—soft, feminine, romantic.

I'm definitely loving the the vibrant color scheme this tree pulls together. Nothing says Spring like pink, green, and blue!

This tree favors a sculpted, minimalist look. Notice its dramatic silhouette against the verdant carpet.

Unfortunately just as the magnolia trees around town were coming to their peak last week, the temperatures dropped to the point of frost, killing the blooms. This tree maintains its poise, confidently letting its browned petals dance in the sunlight.

 All-over lace, yes please! 

Another lovely color scheme—splashes of deep pink add interest to the gold-drenched hues, while the blue contrasts and balances the warm palette.

 Isn't fun to see how God adorns His creation?! Which tree is your favorite?

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