Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DIY Ruffles!

 I’m loving all the ruffles and feminine details that are on trend these days! What’s more, it’s very easy to add some extra flair to basic t-shirts. Here are several that I’ve made recently. There are a number of great tutorials out there, showing step-by-step how to make your own ruffle shirts. My ruffles were inspired by the lovely and oh-so-creative Sachiko, of Tea Rose Home blog.

Vertical ruffles!

Flowers and ruffles!

Cascading ruffles!


  1. These are beautiful. I was wondering...how do you keep the ruffles from fraying? Do you use fabric glue? Thanks.


    1. Hi Lisa, One of the nice things about working with knit is that it doesn't fray. =)

  2. Very professional job - need a tut so we can do it, too!

  3. Do you sell any of your beautiful ruffled shirts? My sister and I are looking for modest outfits online...it's hard to find much that we would want to wear!
    My email is childrenpreciousinhissight@gmail.com
    May God bless you,

  4. Hi! I was also wondering if you sell your tops.. It is difficult to find some that are good quality, modest and yet not expensive when there is not much time to look. Please let me know. My email is evnsocomeLJ@gmail.com .. Thank you so much!

    God bless,