Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Style Secret: Menswear to Maternity

I love clothes and fashion (what girl doesn’t?!). One of my favorite pastimes is refashioning a thrift-store find into a cute new outfit. I have so much fun repurposing something that’s been discarded into something fresh! Since I already have lots more clothes than I need, I recently had the idea to direct my upcycling hobby toward making maternity clothes for friends and the local pregnancy center. 

Here are several of my first projects transforming a typical men’s button-down shirt into a maternity shirt. Men’s shirts are great to work with, because they are roomy and long enough to cover a growing baby bump. I’m so happy how these refashions turned out; I only wish I had taken “before” and “during” pictures to better describe . . . 

This started out as a men’s large shirt. I carefully cut off the sleeves, in order to make the arm-holes smaller and to take in the bust. Originally I was going to re-size and reattach the sleeves, but I loved how the too-large shoulders created a cap-sleeve look, so I just left them. Then I cut the shirt into two pieces, right below the bust-line. I took in several inches along the side seams of the top half of the shirt, to make it more fitted. Then I gathered the bottom half of the shirt, and sewed the top and bottom halves back together. Voila!

This started out as a men’s medium short-sleeved shirt from GAP. I carefully cut off the collar, to give the shirt a different look. I also cut off the sleeves, in order to make the arm-holes smaller and to take in the bust. I gathered the back a little bit, to make the shirt slightly more fitted. Then I used the fabric from the sleeves to make the ruffles. =)

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