Monday, May 23, 2011

Recognition of Excellence

Don’t you love unexpected happy news?! In the mail this morning came a surprise letter regarding my results for one of the licensure exams I took earlier this month. This particular assessment, the PRAXIS II, tests teacher candidates on general content knowledge in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Basically, the exam contains common academic facts that everyone should have learned during grade school and should hopefully still retain. Well, last week I received my score report with the good news that I had passed. Yay, one step closer to my goal!

But then to my surprise I received this letter in the mail today. “Congratulations!” it reads, “You have earned the ETS Recognition of Excellence for your recent outstanding performance . . . [which] earned a score that ranks within the top 15% of all test takers who took this assessment in previous years. . . . This honor . . . formally acknowledges your personal effort and commitment to learning and to teaching . . . .”

What a morale boost to receive this news! Working toward a Master’s degree online takes a lot of perseverance. Often I get discouraged, weary, and frustrated in this season of life. This timely commendation is testimony to God’s faithfulness. Many friends have been cheer-leading and praying for me in this endeavor, so I want to share my latest reason for celebration. I still have a lot of work ahead as I continue on my degree, but it’s great to pause and rejoice in God’s goodness so far. =)

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