Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quote Garden: Style

My favorite quotations on fashion/style . . .

Fashion is what you are offered four times a year by designers- and style is what you choose. (Lauren Hutton)

Fashion is what others give you, style is what you give yourself. (Lauren Hutton)

There is nothing spiritual about being frumpy! (Leslie Ludy)

Dress as a daughter of the King, rather than as a product of pop-culture. (Leslie Ludy)

Personal style has nothing to do with fashion.  It's something that resonates from inside of us.  Your style is just an extension of who you really are.  Our clothing is an expression of our style (the one the world notices most), but it doesn't stop there.  It's in the way we frost a cupcake, decorate our home, speak to others, it's in the music we like, the way we fix our hair, and how we throw a party, the way we write, what we like to read.  Whether you know it or not, you have your own style and it is there in everything you touch.  The trick is, figuring out what your own unique style is and loving it.
(Cori from laviepetite.blogspot.com)

Wardrobe should be determined by ministry. (Ann Ortland)

Look quality, think quality, talk quality—and expose yourself to quality. (Ann Ortland)

* The above quotations were collected from various sources. I have done my best to quote and credit them correctly. Please inform me if you notice an error.

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