Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reading Corner: Fresh Flower Arranging

It's obvious here my blog that I love flowers. As many of my posts showcase, I'm very fond taking pictures of flowers growing in nature. Alongside my mom, I've also grown up enjoying arranging flowers. Even though we have only basic-level skills, there's a lot that both Mom and I enjoy about designing delightful fresh flower arrangements to display in our home and to give to friends. Here are several of my favorite books about fresh flower arranging, that are excellent resources for amateurs. Each of these books contain helpful information and creative, accessible ideas for beginning enthusiasts. =)

Fresh Flower Arranging
by Mark Welford and Stephen Wicks

Flowers: Chic and Cheap by Carlos Mota

Fast Flowers (paperback version, 2000)
and Fast Flower Arranging (hardbook version, 1998)
by Jane Packer

Wedding Flowers by Sharon Naylor

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