Saturday, October 15, 2011

Easy-Peasy Potato Soup

The lovely Indian Summer weather we've been enjoying lately has finally blown away. It's windy and chilly in Midland now, definitely feeling like fall.

With cooler temperatures, hot soup was in order in our house today.  We had a bunch of potatoes in the fridge, so I thought I should make some potato soup. I chopped them up and set them to boil. But I didn't feel like searching for a recipe. And I certainly didn't feel like going grocery shopping for ingredients. Time to improvise! In our pantry I found a can of beef and vegetable soup, and I stirred it into the pot of boiled potatoes. Then I poured in some milk and shook in some blended seasonings. Voila! Easy-peasy potato soup. We ate it as a family for dinner tonight, topped with bacon crumbles and croutons. We all agreed it was as delicious to eat as it was easy to prepare. =)

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