Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday #8! This week I am thankful...

(1) that I've completed another semester of graduate studies! Now I can start getting ready for Christmas...

(2) for my brother's computer savvy. He came to my rescue again this week with my final project for my graduate course.

(3) for a cozy family room at home. Just this week Peter bought himself a flat-screen TV and rearranged our family room. It's a much nicer set-up now. He likes it primarily for watching football and playing his PS3, but the rest of us get to benefit too. =) The other night as a family we enjoyed watching The Nutcracker broadcast live from Lincoln Center, New York City.

(4) for precious family memories. This week we decorated our Christmas tree. Hanging all of our special ornaments reminded me of many happy times and memories we've made as a family.

(5) for friends who have helped me network and make contacts as I seek to arrange my upcoming student-teaching placement. I had a fantastic interview this week, and have several other promising leads. PTL!

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