Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Today is Thankful Thursday #19! Last week I neglected to post—not because there was nothing to list, but because I just didn't take the time or devote the energy. Hmmm, Kristina. God's goodness is so abundant in your life. Don't let life's daily demands or your own discontent distract you from the life-giving discipline of recounting His goodness. . .

Last weekend my brother Peter and I drove to Indianapolis for an Alumni weekend at Verity. What a special weekend we had with lots of old friends! It was a time of celebrating traditions, rekindling friendships, and making new memories.  There are so many things to be thankful for . . .

1. Safe travels. On Friday as we were driving to Indy, there were multiple tornado systems tearing through the Midwest. We drove through some heavy rain and lots of strong winds. Then, on Sunday as we were driving home, we hit snow showers with treacherous road conditions, including miles of black ice. At one point our vehicle skidded out of control on the highway, as Peter maneuvered to avoid a collision. Every safe trip is a blessing, but when the conditions are dangerous, I become all the more aware of God's protection. =)

2. Singing with friends. One of the alumni, who directed the Verity chorale when he was a student, organized an alumni choir. Most of us had sung together in the chorale, and rehearsing again last weekend was Déjà vu, in such a fun way. =) 

Verity alumni choir, photo courtesy of Micah Williams
photo courtesy of Micah Williams

Peter and I also enjoyed joining two of our friends in a string quartet.
Photo courtesy of Micah Williams.

3. Friends who are living for God. How special it was to reunite with old friends and see how each of us are loving the Lord and seeking to live for Him, all over the world and in in all sorts of vocations.

4. Renewing fond memories. It was fun to recall our mutual Verity experiences in light of God's faithfulness.

5. The chance to affirm and continue special relationships in my life.

My friend Kristina Blum and me.
Not only do we share the same name,
we discovered that we also share the same shoe size!
She let me borrow her darling white heels to complete my outfit
for the alumni concert. How fun is that?!!

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