Monday, January 2, 2012

of Textbooks, Tennis, and Thin Mints

Last night’s brother-sister dialog is still making smile. Textbooks, tennis, and Thin Mints—these are the kinds of things that comprise daily life. Relationships. Memories. How blessed I am to share so many of them with my wonderful brother....

Me: We need to sign up for our next session of tennis classes. One of us should swing by the tennis center on the way home from work on Tuesday.

Peter: I can do it.

Me: Great! Thanks. I’ll reimburse you for yours  [we had already agreed to treat each other to the tennis lessons, as our Christmas gifts to each other].

Peter: Right. By the way, I need to transfer the money to you from my account, for that textbook I just sold for you on Amazon.

Me: Come to think of it, the price of that textbook is about the price of the tennis class. Just call it a wash.

Peter: That’s convenient!

Me: So, how ’bout celebrating with a Thin Mint? [Peter and I both love Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies—so much so that I bought him several boxes for Christmas, which he kindly shares with me. ;-) ]

Peter: Great idea! Cheers!

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