Monday, January 16, 2012

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Because I tend to find wintertime in the Midwest rather dreary, I recently decided to liven up my life a little by creating weekly themes for the outfits I wear to school. I think this undertaking will help me to be more creative and to have more fun with my wardrobe during these gray winter months. =)

Last week, for my first theme I chose flowers. On one day I wore a floral scarf; on the next day I wore a hand-crafted, felted flower pin; etc. . . . Before last week I hadn't noticed the fact that most of my pairs of shoes are embellished with flowers. ;-)

Last week when I told my third graders about my weekly-themed outfits project, they loved it! This morning they were eager to know what my new theme is for this week. "Have you heard of the poem, Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?" I asked them. Most of them nodded enthusiastically. "Well," I explained, "That's where I got the idea for this week's theme. Everyday I'm going to wear something that I've borrowed from my mom, that has the color blue in it. This scarf I'm wearing today is my mom's that she let me wear."

Here's my outfit from today:
Something old—skirt that I thrifted
Something new—top that I recently got on clearance
Something borrowed—scarf
Something blue—top, scarf, shoes


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