Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reading Corner: Abigail Adams

While I was working at day camp last week, I noticed on the classroom bookshelf this biography of Abigail Adams: First Lady of Faith and Courage by Evelyn Witter. Abigail Adams is one of my heroines, so I eagerly picked up the book to read silently during the kids’ rest time and reading time. The book is one of the Sower Series biographies, which I loved when I was elementary school. Reading Abigail Adams this week reminded me why these books are outstanding—they make the lives of Godly history-makers accessible to elementary children. Quite a few of the books in the series, including Abigail Adams, are written in first-person, which cause the inspiring true stories to become all that more personal and engaging. 

Other famous men and women highlighted in the series include Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, Mother Teresa, Isaac Newton, Johnny Appleseed, the Wright brothers, and more.

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