Monday, August 15, 2011

Style Secret: Repurposed Table Centerpiece

I love my cottage-chic bedroom. It's a charming, peaceful place for me to study and rest.

All of my furniture is hand-me-down, which makes for a sentimental, albeit mismatched, ensemble. The shabby-chic quilt brings the random pieces together for a relaxed, charming look. One of my favorite style secrets about my room is the window treatments. When my family moved into the house, blah linen curtains were hanging in my bedroom windows. My mom and I immediately set out to find inexpensive window treatments that would be more attractive. Then she had the brilliant idea to re-purpose one of the silk arrangement table centerpieces she had in storage. Happily, the centerpiece coordinated beautifully with my bedding, and it was long enough for us to cut in half to make two pieces--one for each window. We wired the centerpieces onto the curtain rods and added extra silk ivy to cover the length of the rods.  Voila!

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