Saturday, August 20, 2011

Secret Keepers

This summer I've been spending many hours at the playground supervising young children at day-camp. Since the children especially love playing at the monkey bars, I spend a lot of the outside play time standing by that area, ensuring the children are staying safe and having fun. Kids will be kids--they love to climb up high and swing upside down. I want kids to have an active, healthy, happy childhood. However, a concern I have is indecent exposure. From toddlers to elementary students, I've been seeing lots of bare bellies and underwear. With sexual predation and abuse on the rise in our society, it's all the more important that parents are vigilant about dressing their precious children. Even the youngest children need to be outfitted in practical clothes that will keep their active, little bodies appropriately covered.

For practical ideas and tips for dressing girls modestly, check out Secret Keeper Girl--a fantastic ministry for moms and their young daughters.

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