Sunday, November 6, 2011

Psalm 18

Frustrated. Weary. Discouraged. Confused. Overwhelmed. These are words that describe me.

This morning the Lord directed my attention back to Psalm 18. What a triumphant passage of Scripture! Just what I need to help me persevere through this season of life. Meditating on this wonderful Psalm this afternoon, I looked through my pictures and found several from a family trip to Pictured Rocks along the coast of Lake Superior, in Munising, Michigan. These collages assist me in visualizing some of the concepts in Psalm 18.

Paraphrasing David’s song of praise, first I list God’s attributes: He is LORD, my strength (v1); my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my shield, the horn of my salvation, my stronghold (v2); worthy to be praised (v3); my God (v6); Most High (v13); my support (v18); merciful, blameless (v25); pure, shrewd (26); a shield (v30). Awesome repertoire, there!

Then I search what God did for David/promises to do for me:
  • Save me from my enemies (v.3)
  • Hear my voice and my cry (v.6)
  • Draw me out of many waters (v.16)
  • Deliver me from my strong enemy (v17)
  • Bring me out into a broad place (v.19)
  • Deliver me (v.19, 47, 48)
  • Delight in me (v.19)
  • Reward me according to my righteousness (v20)
  • Recompense me (v20)
  • Save the humble (v27)
  • Bring down haughty looks (v27)
  • Light my lamp (v28)
  • Enlighten my darkness (v28)
  • Enable me to run against a troop (v29)
  • Enable me to leap over a wall (v29)
  • Arm me with strength (v32)
  • Make my way perfect (v32)
  • Make my feet like the feet of deer (v33)
  • Set me on high places (v33)
  • Teach my hands to make war (v34)
  • Enable my arms to bend a bow of bronze (v34)
  • Give me the shield of His salvation (v35)
  • Hold me up by His right hand (v35)
  • Make me great by his gentleness (v35)
  • Enlarge my path under me (v36)
  • Keep my feet from slipping (v36)
  • Enable me to gain victory over my enemies (v37-42)
  • Arm me with strength (v39)
  • Subdue those who rise up against me (v39)
  • Avenge me (v47)
  • Lift me up (v48)
  • Show mercy to His anointed (v50)

Next, I identify what David did/what I am supposed to do:
  • Love the LORD (v1)
  • Call upon the LORD (v3,6)
  • Keep the ways of the LORD (v.21)
  • Not depart from my God (v.21)
  • Keep His judgments before me (v.22)
  • Keep myself blameless and free from iniquity before Him (v.23)
  • Trust in Him (v30)
  • Give thanks to the LORD among the Gentiles (v.49)
  • Sing praises to His name (v.49)
Wow. That really puts things into perspective. As I love the LORD, call upon Him, keep His ways, and trust in Him, He promises to fight the battles for me. He will strengthen me, equip me, and enable me to overcome. He will deliver me and give me the victory. How much there is for which to praise Him!

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