Friday, November 25, 2011

"Waltz and Multiply by Three" Song

My third graders are learning multiplication facts, and I just found this cute multiplication song from, called "Waltz and Multiply by Three." I've copied the lyrics below; to hear a sample, click on this link. The tune is a waltz, and the lyrics cover the 3s facts of the times table. I love this song--it's easy and catchy. What's more, a waltz often has 3 beats to a measure. I think it would be fun to insert a little music theory and social studies along with those math facts. =)

Waltz with me; multiply by 3;
Multiply by 3; waltz with me.
3 x 1
3x 2
3 x 3
This is waltz time
3 x 4
3 x 5...
Tap your toe.
Do some more!
3 x 9...
Come and dip with me!
3 x 11...
This is not the end.
Please bow and do it again.
(Song repeats)
Our waltz has reached the end.
Now bow to your friend!

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